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Painting Robot

Painting Robot
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Vibrancy International a professional company equiped with advanced painting robot production and manufacturing line, is one of the best China painting robot suppliers. Besides best and newest and high-quality and low price products, we are also ready to offer you making and painting robot services. Welcome to buy discount and wholesale cheap products from us.

Painting Robot
Necessary equipment for painting automation


The robot painting system is the important fundamental equipment. As the manufacture industry is growing rapidly, the market demand for robot painting systems is also increasingly strong.
Based on yeas of exoerience in practical engineering and self-development,  proprietary robot painting systems have been successfully used in painting production lines of construction machinery railway machinery.


Special design of hollow structure arm, directly connecting the paint channel, solvent channel, air channel and cable with paint cup and sprayer;
Development of fanshaped, atomization, flow control and self-clean to satisfy onsite application requirement;
Off-line programming for teaching, simulation and painting process, suitable for complex work-pieces and process requirements.


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